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Citymottagningen Hässleholm

Dr Mats Gunnarsson

Östergatan 38, 281 34 Hässleholm

Telefon: 0451-706 151


Linneamottagningen Växjö

Dr. Marie-Louise Berg-Lekås

Kungsgatan 1B, 352 30 Växjö
Telefon: 0470-397 70



Dr Charlotta Wållgren, Dr Louise Bowman

Drottninggatan 19, 652 25 Karlstad
Telefon: 054-18 61 25

Kim Wallgren

Licensed midwife and accredited sexologist

Kim has extensive experience in assisted reproduction and working with the involuntarily childless. Involuntary childlessness can often lead to a pleasurable sex life being planned and full of demands, desire is replaced by displeasure. Kim accepts individuals/couples for counseling sessions regarding desire in the relationship, pain during sex, erection problems, orgasm problems and communication difficulties around sex.
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Admira Kvinnohälsa is a midwifery clinic in the middle of central Lund at Stortorget. With us, you will meet committed midwives who are passionate about women’s health and want to give you a warm, personal and respectful treatment. Trust and security are our watchwords and we design care based on your situation and conditions. Welcome to read more and book an appointment at

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Stortorget 1- Vån 4
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